Business Studies

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Program Overview

A bachelor's degree in business from Assumption College will provide you with a framework for building a successful career in the private, public or the nonprofit sector. You will develop proficiency in a broad range of technical and professional skills sought by employers and study ethically and socially responsible business practices that prepare you for a complex and ever-changing global business environment.

The Assumption Business Department’s five majors and six minors span a broad range of business disciplines and are taught by faculty with extensive business experience.

Business Degree Benefits at Assumption College:

  • Accounting (major or minor): Prepare for employment in the field and gain the background needed to sit for the CPA and CMA exams. A special track of the MBA program includes a CPA Exam review course and a professional practicum to acquire real-world experience, making it possible for students to have their CPA license within 14 months of completing their undergraduate accounting degree.
  • International Business (major or minor): Develop the business knowledge and cultural awareness needed to work effectively in diverse environments around the world. The College's robust study abroad program (including a Rome, Italy campus that was recently rated one of the best in the nation) will help you gain a first-hand understanding of diverse business practices and cultures.
  • Management (major or minor): Study how organizations and people function, and develop the skills to drive teams toward a common goal.
  • Marketing: (major or minor) Immerse yourself in the fast-paced dynamics of a rapidly changing marketplace and build skills in advertising, research, consumer behavior and public relations.
  • Organizational Communication (major): Analyze the inner-workings of communication within an organization and develop the skills needed to work effectively with personnel and customers.
  • Sport Management (minor): Receive a solid grounding in business, including marketing and management, with a focus on issues of the sport industry. An emphasis on experiential learning ensures that coursework is augmented with real-world experience through internships and other experience-building opportunities. 
  • Fraud Examination & Forensic Accounting (minor): Learn how to apply accounting principles to embezzlement and fraud investigations and legal issues, assemble evidence, testify in court as an expert witness, and solve contract disputes.
  • BA/MBA program: Earn a dual BA/MBA degree in just five years.

Recent Assumption graduates have begun rewarding careers with respected regional, national and multinational companies, including Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, EMC Corporation, ESPN, Fidelity Investments, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Reebok and State Street Bank, as well as a number of nonprofit and government agencies. No matter where you go, and for whom you work, an Assumption education will make sure you're prepared.